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OEMs and ODMs want to create brand presence in worldwide consumer markets. They also want to present an inviting target for application developers and operators looking to port value-adding applications and services to many phone models.

Building Monotype Imaging solutions into platforms enables OEMs and ODMs to meet these objectives with technology and fonts optimized specifically for international or regional deployment on smartphones and feature phones.

OEMs and ODMs Want:

• Higher brand awareness
• Greater value differentiation
• Faster time to market
• Products moved to multiple platforms faster
• Ability to more quickly capture emerging markets
• Text readability

What We Deliver:

• A unified development environment with multilingual support
• Robust complex text composition
• Comprehensive multilingual font offerings
• Scalable fonts that offer font choice, readability, layout and time-to-market advantages that bitmap solutions can’t match
• Bitmaps with the same high-quality, design and consistency of scalable type – wherever bitmaps are the most practical solution
• Font technology that’s small enough, fast enough and flexible enough for the target environment


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