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Monotype Imaging’s text imaging solutions for OpenTV provide network operators with enhanced text quality and advantages that ease entry into emerging markets. The fully scalable solution has been integrated with the OpenTV® Core2™ set-top box middleware to ensure superior text display while handling the layout intricacies that certain languages require.

Monotype Imaging’s iType® Connects™ plug-in for OpenTV provides access to advanced text rendering capabilities of the iType font engine. The scalable iType font engine allows OEMs and developers to forego bitmap fonts, which support just one text size in a single font. Bitmap fonts can significantly strain memory resources when several sets are required to cover a range of sizes, particularly with languages such as Traditional Chinese, which contains thousands of characters.

Monotype Imaging’s WorldType® Layout Engine, available through the OpenTV Core2 platform, allows network operators and developers to extend language coverage to support most of the world’s major languages including all languages based on Latin-and Cyrillic-based scripts, in addition to Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic and many others. WorldType Layout Engine works with the iType font engine to deliver high performance composition, positioning and rendering of multilingual text, including complex scripts.

OpenTV has also licensed the Tioga™ typeface family, designed to achieve superior clarity on low-resolution displays, even at small text sizes. The Tioga typeface meets text requirements as outlined by various technology specifications, including those from the DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting Project), MHP (Multimedia Home Platform), DTG (Digital Television Group), MHEG (Multimedia and Hypermedia Information Coding Expert Group), as well as the OpenCable CableLabs specification known as Tru2way™ technology. The Tioga typeface complies with the WGL4 character set for European language support.

Additional language coverage, as well as other typefaces, may be obtained directly from Monotype Imaging:

  • TrueType® fonts available from Monotype Imaging’s extensive collection of world language fonts

  • Fonts that conform to Japan’s ARIB (Association of Radio Industries and Businesses) data coding and transmission specification for digital broadcasting

  • Fonts that comply with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission’s requirements for closed captioning display (EIA-708B specification)

  • Small-memory footprint stroke-based fonts for East Asian text, including fonts based on Monotype Imaging’s patent-pending SmartHint™ technology for the clear display of East Asian characters regardless of text size

  • Compact Asian Technology for TrueType (CATT™) fonts, featuring stylistic designs that require significantly less memory compared to the same fonts available in the larger sized TrueType format

  • Monotype Imaging’s TV font set featuring the 16-font Screen™ typeface family, designed for high legibility on low-resolution screens


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