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Linked Fonts

Font linking allows developers to remove data redundancy and more flexibly manage the font memory footprint of consumer electronic devices. Through font linking, a grouping of fonts can be treated as a single font, without having to merge multiple font files. For example, to provide Chinese mobile phone users access to bold and non-bold Latin-based characters, developers would previously need to duplicate both the Latin and Chinese character sets. Through font linking, just one implementation of the Chinese character set is required, linking to both the non-bold and bold Latin fonts. In addition, when rendering Chinese characters that are linked to the bold Latin characters, pseudo-emboldening effects will be applied automatically to generate high-quality Chinese bold characters. Other features include the ability to append additional characters or symbols to the linked font, such as colored icons or emoticons – without altering the original component fonts.

Linked Fonts

A new enhancement now permits component fonts within a linked font file to be adjusted relative to a ‘master’ typeface within the font grouping to ensure consistent vertical alignment. Adjustments include baseline alignment and scale adjustment.

The linking process can be performed one of two ways. An offline tool can be used, and the resulting linked font file is then available for embedding into a device. Alternatively, the font linking process can be handled directly through a runtime library, available as an option, which enables the dynamic linking of fonts. For example, this option can be used to augment language support on devices already deployed. By downloading a Chinese font and linking it to the native Latin font, a device which was previously limited to Latin support can now be used to view Chinese Web pages.

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