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Edge Technology

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High-quality text on consumer electronics devices presents inherent challenges: low-resolution screens, small text sizes, memory constraints, complex writing systems containing thousands of characters and East Asian scripts that contain intricately shaped characters.

To deal with these constraints, OEMs traditionally have had to enter tradeoffs between style, file size and quality. Edge™ Technology gives manufacturers maximum flexibility to overcome these constraints while minimizing tradeoffs.

As an optional plug-in for the iType® font engine, Edge Technology provides high-quality text rendering and supports all languages, with additional features catered to the unique requirements of East Asian writing systems. Edge Technology encompasses Edge Tuning, the ability to “tune” the rendered output, and Edge Hinting, a method for fine-tuning individual characters, both of which help achieve superior visual results using scalable fonts in a low-memory footprint.

Edge Tuning
Edge Tuning is a unique and patented process that provides the ability to make precise adjustments to the darkness and sharpness of a glyph, ensuring that text appears clearly at any size, relative to the specific characteristics of the display. This adjustment process provides maximum flexibility for optimizing the quality of the rendered text across products with varying display characteristics and requirements.

With the use of the iType FontTuner, fonts can be tuned according to individual language or size requirements and provides the ability to:

  • Modify the look of one language compared to another, e.g. Latin text compared to Asian text to produce a more harmonious combination
  • Produce a heavier or lighter look
  • Adjust the sharpness of the text according to the rendering size and display resolution

Edge Technology

iType’s real-time Edge tuning capabilities allows text rendered through Edge Technology to be further tuned, in real time, based on user preference or environmental factors.

Edge Hinting
Edge-hinted fonts are available based on Monotype Imaging’s CATT™ (Compact Asian Technology for TrueType®) format. Tuned for grayscale output, Edge-enabled fonts are engineered to preserve style and legibility at small or large text sizes. Font files are substantially smaller than standard TrueType fonts.

Edge Technology enables Monotype Imaging to extend the selection of optimized non-East Asian fonts more rapidly than previously possible. With the technology performing optimization work during run time, the time to produce and deliver fonts optimized for the consumer electronic environment has now been shortened significantly.

Edge Technology

The iType Font Tuner also allows for white-on-black tuning.

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