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iType Innovations


The iType® font engine is a font rendering subsystem that brings the benefits of scalable type and high-quality multilingual font display to the embedded environment. iType offers a host of advanced capabilities including font linking, font management and discovery, support for various industry standards and font formats, and Edge™ Technology, which enables the display of stylistic East Asian text in a small memory footprint. iType can be implemented into various platforms using iType Connects™ plug-ins, helping to reduce time-to-market for OEMs.

The iType font engine is ideal for:
• Smartphones and feature phones 
• Television set-top boxes 
• Interactive TVs 
• Navigation devices 
• Portable media players 
• Game devices 
• Digital cameras and camcorders 
• Console displays 
  ...Or almost any resource constrained device

To achieve these benefits:
• Easy-to-read text, even at small sizes
• Properly composed text in the user’s language
• Aesthetically appealing typefaces that
complement on-screen graphics
• Support for industry standards and specifications for font downloading
and text display

Based on OpenType®, TrueType® and PostScript® font formats and packaged as ANSI C code for broad, flexible integration, iType meets stringent size requirements for any applications and eInk or LCD devices, including those that support East Asian languages requiring thousands of characters.

High performance architecture
Optimized for both space efficiency and speed, the iType subsystem lets you tune the engine’s already small footprint even smaller by selecting at build time only the resources you need. Performance features such as multithreading and high-speed character caching remove process bottlenecks and ensure that requested characters get generated and returned to applications when needed.

Patented font compression/decompression software saves significant memory for font data storage. These algorithms allow portions of font data to be decompressed as needed at run-time – so users receive space-saving benefits without paying performance penalties. Font compression can also be applied when downloading fonts between connected devices, reducing needed bandwidth and transmitted data size.

Edge Technology and Edge360
As an optional plug-in for the iType font engine, Edge Technology provides high-quality text rendering and tunability, with additional features catered to the unique requirements of East Asian writing systemsThrough an advanced hinting technique, Edge Technology produces highly legible East Asian characters. It also delivers the ability fine tune the anti-aliasing on the rendered text to optimize for screen characteristics or to harmonize the appearance between different language modules. Bring a whole new dimension to text with Edge360™ technology, an embedded solution for delivering crisp, dynamic text in hardware-accelerated 2D and 3D environments in real time. Edge360 works with iType on devices that support OpenGL® ES 2.0 graphics processing technology.

Font support
In addition to a broad range of TrueType, OpenType and PostScript (CFF and CID format) multilingual typefaces, East Asian font offerings, and the WorldType® font suite, Monotype Imaging offers a line-up of fonts tailored for use on consumer device displays. These fonts, combined with the iType font engine, enable the various Monotype Imaging innovations which ensure the full display of characters within limited screen real estate. East Asian varieties of these fonts support Monotype Imaging’s SmartHint™ technology and Edge Technology.

For some low-end applications, however, bitmaps may be preferred. For those applications, Monotype Imaging offers a utility that converts scalable data to bitmaps. The fonts would appear the same as their scalable counterparts – creating a consistent font style across the product range.

Bitmaps that have been converted from scalable type are also able to take advantage of innovations such as our SmartHint technologies. In addition, Monotype Imaging offers custom design services for scalable and bitmap fonts.

Integration with Monotype Imaging’s WorldType Layout Engine
The WorldType Layout Engine handles a wide range of writing systems in one very small package. The technology works with the iType font engine to ease the ability to internationalize products with which users need to interact in their native languages.

For a firsthand look at the capabilities of the iType scalable font engine, try Monotype Imaging's font technology demo. See how the iType font renderer interacts with the WorldType Layout Engine and a catalog of multilingual fonts to display high-quality text.


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